According to the state of Texas, Iā€™m a retired teacher. I taught 23 years for Dallas ISD. I am certified to teach computer science, web design and mathematics. I prefer computer science, web design second. I also write curriculum for those subjects, and wrote most of the Dallas ISD curriculum.

I currently teach computer science and web design for Johns Hopkins University, CTY Online Programs. I have been with them for over 1 year. My students range in age from elementary taking Scratch, junior high taking web design and Scratch, senior high taking web design and Java.

I am working on an open source project ā€“ though stalled, and have a few Windows Phone apps on the marketplace. I also support several websites, two for paying clients, hosting one, and the third for a non-profit of which I am on the board.

I also run beagles in agility ā€“ Macy and Dulce.